moonflea (moonflea) wrote,

shut eye

everyone is in strange and reticent spirits these days,... except me! i'm feelin' mighty fine. unlike the ignorant masses, i began my new year this past sunday (with the new moon) and it has gone a long way toward invigorating my otherwise very ennervated body and spirit. it's amazing what a flue will do... it shaved two weeks off and threw me back into my cacoon.

other than that, i thought i would share this little anecdote about the baker couple:

johnny b. is one of those who, when talking in his sleep, will respond if prompted. last last night, amber heard him say, "i am having the best time!"
so she asked, "why? what are you doing?"
he replied, "i'm sleeping!"

like the goode, i too, have the best time while sleeping...
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