moonflea (moonflea) wrote,

k-day 2

i'm still trying to figure out how to view this livejournal outlet, so self-consc/write/ious am i...

xmas passed relatively painlessly. i was surprised! i thought it would be excruciating in the usual sense: the onslaught of relative-accusation/dissapointment. not one finger pointed at me! instead, we managed to connect on rabble-rousing basketball. funny, it was totally them against me in a lakers v. sixers revisitation of last year's finals. (i am very taken with sixers' diminutive -by basketball standards- allen iverson...) so my team lost, but the inner demons saw me triumphant.

self-imposed isolation has done me good. i follow lord buddha's advice and keep the crazy-makers at arm's length (king kong is the arm of measure.)

besides, my homelife is in a state of upheaval. the landlord has been forced by the city to make huge repairs to the apartment, including replacing some of the wood of the ceiling in my bedroom. so a majority of my crap is heaped in the living room. and it feels good. i'm gonna get rid of most of it; it has wayed me down too long... so say the feng shei masters.

any suggestions for new years???
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No idea what to do for New Years. I've put B- in charge myself.
Anyho, great timing on your landlords part.
Genius, pure and simple!
Hey! I thought you'd given up on LJ. I dunno what we're going to do for New Year's. Thank you for the candle, by the way! (I have almost done my thank-you notes.) It was my very bestest present.
nope, i love the idea of LJ, it's the practice that's difficult to maintain. and it's a great way to catch up with you! congrats on the new car! and new juicer! hope to see you soon...