moonflea (moonflea) wrote,

my life as a butterfly

if my life parallels anything in nature, it would be that of the butterfly.
Life Cycle of a Butterfly

1. The first stage is called the egg stage. The mother butterfly lays eggs on a leaf.

2. In the larva stage, the egg hatches on the leaf and out comes a caterpillar.

3. In the pupa stage the caterpillar grows and it pops out of its old skin, already wearing a new one. This phenomenon occurs four or five times, after which the caterpillar begins to produce silk. With this silk, it attaches its body to a leaf or twig (or in our experiment, to a piece of cheese clothe on our plastic jar lid.) It then sheds its furry skin for the last time. Under the skin is a hard form called chrysalis. The caterpillar's body turns to a soft liquid, from which the wings, legs and other body parts of the butterfly will form.

4. The adult stage is also called the Imago.

5. The Imago stage begins when the chrysalis is broken and the butterfly breaks out.

I think I'm at the stage where I've just shed my furry skin and am now encased in my chrysalis.
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