moonflea (moonflea) wrote,

next thing i know, it's my baby... dave grohl!

the blessings never cease...

again, betty pulls through on my heart's behalf. abracadabra and poof, i'm in the same sound studio where i saw beck, this time to see my favorite band... yup, yes, i can't believe it myself... the FOO FiGHTeRs!!!!!! can i type enough exclamation points?!!!

betty calls me this morning to tell me about the webcast, asking, "can you be here by 4PM?" to which i reply, "i'm scared! it's scarey being so close to someone i adore!" and "hell yes, i can be there!"

so with the beanie-digicat and betty the wongbat and a studio bursting to the seams with die-hard fans, employees and hangers-on, i am transported to a kind of heaven/hell. up close but not personal. . .

close enough to get autographs... i did NOT notice that my dear davey made a heart of his name for me! and me alone! me! me! me! i didn't notice 'til i came down from the high of being near him.

and of course i got a photo or two or three with him thanks to the bean pushing my leaden feet in his direction. she's a sly one, that bean. after procuring above heart autograph, i slid in next to him and he put his arm around me for an unnaturally long time because the beanie bang had been snappin' photos BEFORE we posed, therefore causing a camera delay before she could snap the photo in which we did pose.

i guess it's cuz i'm short, these rock stars, laying their heads on mine when we photograph together. . .

ask and you shall receive...
a crew dude gave me his backstage pass, but the beanie got the cool one. a band-roadie overheard her asking some other dude for his, and without further provocation, simply handed his over. and this bean of selflessness deigned to give the pass to me! so i've two of them:

did i mention that davey's growing his hair long again? my love for him is lust, but i just figured out that, like me, his mercury is in aquarius. so it's not ALL seXXX. but so what if it is?!

soooooooo funny, my davey. the webcast was live but thankfully will be archived in two weeks. one of the funniest things i remember is when he was talking about last night and how the band were watching old Police video from the Synchronicity period, (dave being an admirer of drummer, stewart copeland).

dave started hyper-marching to a reggae-beat, imitating sting. "you know what i discovered last night?" he asked. "that sting's a geek! anybody see Police video from that 'synchronicity' tour? sting was wearing something that made him look like a fuckin' pi�ata!"

i swear, the entire time, he had us all crackin' up. the dude cheers me immensely. and did i mention that i love him???
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